30 Amazing Green Smoothies

And you thought there was just one way to do it. Find tons of recipes here!

Small Business Tools

Any small business owner will tell you it’s all fun and games, plus lots of hard work. In order for us to have the freedom to have fun with our work, there are definitely loads of logistics and tools we’re using behind the scenes to manage our businesses. Check out these 5 tools from Sycamore Street Press!

Baby Bump Shot

Breezy skirt, cozy sweater, a statement necklace and a bright lip. Work that bump!

Chloe 2014

We’d highly consider trading an arm and a leg for these beautiful sunnies by Chloe.

Whatever You Do

A long list of great quotes from Style Caster.

Falls In Iceland

It’s not hard to see that Iceland is a magnificent, lush country. But one thing that is hard is capturing that true to stone in digital media. Mait Juriado has done it quite well if you ask me.